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RaceME Pyro Kit

Pyro Kits

Pyrometer kits must be plugged into a controller prior to plugging in OBD2 port or the “Race me EGT sensor temp” will not show up in the gauge selection menu. If it is already plugged in and you can’t find this PID, The directions are as follows,

turn key off–> unplug OBD2–> unplug EGT sensor cord from controller–> wait 30 seconds–> reconnect EGT sensor to controller–> reconnect OBD2 –> power up tuner with key on operation–> touch gauge you wish to modify–> find “RaceMe EGT sensor temp” under the temperature menu.


  • DO NOT!! try to make ABS changes while you are driving. This is not a real-time function. The purpose for the ABS menu is to correct speedometer for different size tires. This has to be done with the key on/engine off to be effective.
  • When plugging in micro USB cords, the type “B” logo on the cord must be facing down on both the controller and the monitor. Damaged socket due to improper connections will not be warrantied.

“DPF FULL”Message- 2007-2012 trucks. There is a differential pressure sensor bolted to the passenger side of the transmission. This sensor remains active after delete tuning. This sensor has two hoses connected to it that attach to the stainless lines on the exhaust. This sensor has to remain open to the atmosphere. Do not loop the hose around to the other outlet of the sensor. This may cause pressure differential. Its recommended leaving about a 6 inch tail of hose off the sensor so that if mud should pack up in there, it only plugs the hose and not the sensor. Should this sensor fail, it must be replaced.

The guide pins between the controller and the com mod box on the Ultra and MM3 tuner must be removed for proper connection to occur.

If you get the “service required to see dealer now” message, this is why….

The most often cause for this message is the regenerative timers that the ECM records within itself. Once these timers reach a predefined value, the ECM requests that the exhaust be serviced. To reset these timers, a Witech Diagnostic scanner or equivalent will be required. These timers are as follows:

Reset After treatment Trip Information

Reset Fuel Pressure Limiting Valve Accumulators

Reset NOx Absorber Counts

Reset Regenerative Filter Timers

View/Reset Duty Cycle Accumulators

View/Reset Trip Information Accumulators

View/Reset DPF After Treatment Over Temp Events

View Reset DOC After Treatment Over Temp Events

View/Reset Duty Cycle Maps

View/Reset NAC After Treatment Over Temp Events

Reset all of them, ALL

Another reason for this message is that the fuel pressure relief valve in the front of the fuel rail is weak. This relief valve is intended to relieve overpressure in the event of a pressure spike. The cure is to get a shim kit and shim this valve or replace it with a new one.

If you are wondering why a code reader can’t delete this, and because there are no DTC’s, it’s that these are simple counter’s which give the ECM information about regenerations and the count of over temp events. At an assigned value of such events, the ECM thinks there is a problem with the DPF and comes with the SEE DEALER NOW message.

Possible Ultra Error code diagnostic:

Error 15210- 2013 to present trucks. This code indicates a communication error in the RSA unlock cable. The most common fix is to plug it in.

Error 15211- 2007 to 2009 trucks. This code indicates an error in real-time communications. Currently, these trucks are not real-time capable causing this code.

Error Code 1- All trucks. This code indicates a problem with the file system on the SD card. The solution is to reformat SD card and reinstall entire file system.

Error code 18053- All models. – You are trying to access tuner function with the key in the off position.

Error code 30015- All models. – Wrong tuner VIN error. You are trying to install a VIN request on a tuner it was not requested from. You can request  VINs from any vehicle but those requested VINs have to be installed on the tuner they were requested from.

Possible RaceMe STD and RaceME Pro tuner code diagnostic:

Error “UNKNOWN BOOTLOADER”- Cab and chassis models.

Can Error 161,152,121- All models.

Request a recovery file from RaceMe. Email the following information to and put “requesting recovery” in the subject line.

Include: serial of tuner (on the back on a white sticker), VIN of truck (on driver door or sill), year and model, P/U or cab and chassis, and type of trans ( 68RFE, Aisin, or Manual.)

An example is as follows: 2009 Ram 2500 P/U 68RFE.

If the dealer flashes over your truck with an STD or a Pro installed, and you try to reinstall and get a “vin locked message”, Request a recovery file.

The cord for updating the STD and the PRO is a standard printer cord which is not included with the tuner.


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