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Raceme Ultra Software Release Notes

Updates are cumulative. If you miss a few, just update the newest one to take advantage of all the previous ones.

Ultra Update 0002.03.02 (RAME009B) released on 05.07.19

Addresses the issue with PID’s range and alarm configuration

– new tuning data addresses the DTC P2453 for the 2007.5-2009 trucks

Update file 0002.03.01 (RAME009A) released on 04.15.19

TPMS adjustment for the 2007.5 – 2009 trucks.

  • New maximum for Boost pressure PID.
  • In the dashboard menu point, you’ll now see the last settings programmed into the truck as well as any RT settings presently active.
Update file 0002.03.01 (RAME009A) released on 12.10.18

Features Menu Added for 2013 – 2018 trucks.

Features include:

  • High beam headlight and fog lights on simultaneously.
  • Signal light one touch lane change (if not already equipped).

Transmission Tuning capability for 2007.5 2009 trucks with 68RFE Transmissions.

Features include:

  • Full control over Shift points, Up shift, Down shift, WOT Shifts, and Tow/ Haul Shift points.
  • Line pressure control. 
  • Torque Converter control.          

Service DEF message fix for 2011 – 2012 DEF equipped Cab and Chassis trucks. 

Update file 0002.02.13 (RAME008C) released on 08.27.18

Modified non-responsive pedal fix for 2013-2018 trucks.

Basic and Advanced Tuning.

BASIC will just tune your ECM with a base software without any request of the adjustable parameters. You can then choose, via SWITCH feature, to increase the power if needed.

BASIC programming will disable all ADVANCED features like:

  • RT programming
  • Data Log and
  • High-speed Data Log, PoD, etc.

In order to enable them again, you’ll need to tune the truck with ADVANCED ECM programming

Update file 0002.02.09 (RAME008B) released on 07.11.18
  • Cruise control max speed set to 250 mph model years. Now you can set cruise to whatever speed you desire.
  • Non-responsive pedal fix for 2013-2018 trucks.
Update File 0002.02.09 (RAME008A) released on 07.09.18
  • TPMS threshold adjustment added for 2018 Rams!
Update File 0002.02.04 (RAME008A) released on 06.22.18
  • TPMS threshold adjustment added! You can now set your tire pressure thresholds!
Update file 0002.02.02 (RAME008A) released on 05.25.18
  • New Menu options, as well as new menu look.
  • Addition of 5 position switch tuning.  Once Ultra is loaded on truck, the Ultra hardware can be removed and replaced with 5 position switch for on the fly tune changes.
  • Switch menu has been added to Ultra dashboard menu.  This means switch position “0” will remove switch tuning in order to use “RT” parameters again.
Update File 0002.01.25 (RAME007C) released on 01.23.18
  • Tire size calibration now available for 2018 trucks.
  • DTC removal now available for 2018 trucks.
Update file 0002.01.20 (RAME007B) released on 12.18.17
  • Support for the 2018 trucks!
Update file 0002.00.08 (RAME007A) released on 10.10.17
  • All ECM tuning parameters are now RT.
  • Improved dashboard performance.
  • High speed datalogger now available from record button on gauge screen.
  • Increased boost pressure max value to 100PSI.
  • With this update all custom ECM tune files will have to be recreated by a custom tuner.
  •  2007.5-2009 trucks are RT capable with box tuning.
Update file 0002.00.04 (RAME006G) released on 09.14.17
  • 2010+ trucks Boost pressure estimate parameters set to off.
  • Addressed DTC P0106.
  • Improved error messages for RT Parameters.
Update file 0002.00.03 (RAME006F) released on 09.04.17
  • Firmware update to address minor bugs.
Update file 0002.00.00 (RAME006F) released on 08.21.17
  • Removal of DTC’s  U0100, U010C, U010E, P0115.
  • Speed limiter bug removed.
Update file 0002.00.00 (RAME006E) released on 07.07.17
  • New GUI (graphic user interface).
  • Smoothed and added features Such as Background picture options added.
Update file 0001.03.09 (RAME006E) released on 04.18.17
  • Correct new error messages and minor bug fixes
  • New tuning data (Removed DTC U010E from 2010-2012 Cab and Chassis trucks)
Update file 0001.03.08 (RAME006D) released on 03.06.17
  • Compatibility search issues resolved.
  • New tuning data 2013+ trucks.
Update file 0001.03.06 (RAME006C) released on 02.16.17
  • 2007.5-2009 RPM parameters fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Update File 0001.03.05 (RAME006B) released on 02.06.17
  • Added security for Warp tuning software ver.26.
  • You can now lock the tuning files to the ECM serial number.
  • You can now lock the tuning files to the device serial number.
  • This allows the device only to be programmed if all serial numbers match.
  • DTC’s fixed for 2007.5-2009 trucks.
Update file 0001.03.00 (RAME006B) released on 01/23/17
  • Corrects dtc U02A3 on MY2017 trucks.
  • minor bug fixes.
Update file 0001.02.03 (RAME005D) released on 12/14/16
  • Solves the problem with removing PID’s from gauges.
  • Improved datalogger with bookmark feature and calibration signature for custom tuners.
Update file 0001.02.01 (RAME005C) released on 11/28/16
  • Support for MY2017 trucks.
Update file 0001.02.00 (RAME005A) released on 11/22/16
  • Ultra has datalogger for all truck.
  • Revised tuning that solves tuning issues for VGT and rail pressure surge.
  • Solved issues with 2007.5-2009 trucks after programming.
  • Solved issues with transmission tuning on 2010- present trucks.
Update file 0001.01.09 (RAME004C) released on 10/06/16
  • Ultra 2010- Present, 68RFE trans, now offer two options, Stock transmission as well as Aftermarket transmission.
  • Stock trans tuning will have a max pressure of 185psi where the aftermarket trans option raises line pressure to 225psi.
  • Line pressure raise corresponds with throttle position.  Aftermarket transmission early downshift removed from 6th to 5th
  • because of higher oil capacity.
  • Now have the option to tune the transmission with “stock power with deletes” options.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Update file 0001.01.06 (RAME004B) released on 06/28/16
  • Corrections in firmware that solved “key on/Key off” problems at updating.
Update file 0001.01.05 (RAME004B) released on 05/27/16
  • Trans temp pid issue corrected.
  • 2007.5- 2009 6.7l now have real-time and Warp Tuning support.
Update file 0001.01.03 (RAME004A) released on 04/28/16
  • Correction to minor bug fixes with RAME003N.
  • When exporting a file from Warp Tuning, make sure you use this update or newer.
Update file 0001.01.02 (RAME003N) released on 03/11/16
  • New VIN lock policy, Supports four VINs (first is free, three more for purchase).
  • Once tuned,VINs DO NOT unlock from truck anymore.
  • Backdating to older software is no longer available.
Corrections/ Add-ons in older softwares:
  • Correction for a bug with version mismatch on 2010-2012 trucks.
  • Allow to  “get stock file for truck” for Warp tuning on PC.
  • OTF renamed to RT.
  • Revised maps for all truck to correct combustion noise.
  • All cab and chassis truck supported (no gap from 2010-2012).
  • Complete 68RFE transmission tuning which included:
    • Raised line pressure in all forward gears,
    • Increased shift firmness,
    • Changed WOT shift points in all gears,
    • 6th gear unlocks and downshift.
    • Revised rail pressure maps.


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