Warp Real Time (RT) Quick Tuning Guide

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*DPF, DEF, and EGR Delete Compatible Tuning Software Platform*

Warp Real Time (RT) Quick Tuning Guide

Once the warp tuning application is installed, the program will work only in demo mode.

It is possible to evaluate the software in this mode, but not possible to save or receive any files. To use the full functionality of Warp Tuning, a license key (USB dongle) must be inserted into a USB port of the PC prior to opening the software.

The License Keys are coded individually. When a tuning file is saved, it becomes encrypted with the individual code of the License Key. This means it is not possible to open a tuning file without the licensing key that encrypted it.

Creating a stock image from the tuner to be modified.

  • To do this, navigate to the Main Menu > ECM > Get Stock File for Truck.
  • The RaceME Ultra or the MM3 will write an image file for the truck onto the MicroSD card. The file can be found under CUSTOM > STOCK, named STK.RMN.
  • This file contains all the needed information about the truck like VIN#, year, and installed software version.
  • The need for writing the entire stock file to the tuner is unnecessary as Raceme has all of Chrysler’s stock software’s pre-installed into all its units.

Transferring the STK.RMN image to the Warp tuning software.

Remove the SD card from the display and connect it, via a card adaptor, to the PC that has Warp installed on it.

  • Open Warp Tuning. From top left, select FILE > GET FILE > FROM STOCK FILE STORED ON PC. Browse to the SD card location and select the STK.RMN file and click open.
  • In the next screen, select the destination for the saved files (Hint: make a new folder with customers name and select this folder as the saved destination) and click ok.
  • Warp will then import the stock image and open the correct tune file ready for modification.
  • Should the owner of a RaceME Ultra or the MM3 desire tunes written by a custom tuner, simply attach the STK.RMN file to an email and send it off to the tuner of your choice.

Creating tune files and exporting them out of Warp and tuning the truck.

  • Once modified, create a .ECM file (the installable base file the tuner will require) by simply clicking on the ECM icon on the right side of the panel
  • From the next window, rename the .ECM file to whatever you desire. File names are limited to 8 characters. Then select ok. The file will be stored in the location you selected when you started.
  • Safely eject the SD and return it to the display slot ensuring the contacts on the card are facing the front of the screen.
  • Power up the tuner, go to:  Main Menu > ECM tuning > ECM > Program Custom file to ECM > XXXXX.ECM  > select speed limiter (if desired) > program.

*DPF, DEF, and EGR
Delete Compatible Tuning
Software Platform*

Warp Tuning points and Features

Warp can modify all aspects of the Fuel, Air, Transmission (68 RFE), and Misc. functions within the ECM.

All files can be modified locally or sent through email as they are small in size.

The limit of files on an SD is that of the limit of the SD itself.

The tuner can handle up to 32gb cards.

.ECM files are base tunes and require full downloads to the ECM. These usually require 7-8 minutes.

For further customization, RTG (real-time groups) can be written from Warp using the “RTG” icon on the right side panel of the Warp console. This feature allows multiple parameters to be modified and written into a real-time capable tune modification.

Also, for further customization, RTP (real-time parameters) can be written using the “RTP” icon on the right side panel of the Warp console. This feature allows one parameter to be modified and written into a real-time capable tune modification.

ECM/ RTG /RTP files are saved into the custom folder on the SD under their respective folders.

ECM files are located from the ECM tuning menu > ECM > Program Custom File to Truck > xxxx.ECM file name > select speed limiter > program.

RTG/RTP files are accessed from the RT (real-time) menu > RT custom adder > xxxx.RTG or xxxx.RTP > send.

Examples or RTP files can include Exhaust brake mild/med/high changes or possibly turbo low/med/high responsiveness.

Example or RTG files can include full hp changes or timing changes for mileage.

Once ECM files are exported from Warp they can no longer be re-opened by Warp. This is why it is important to save the current work by selecting:

  • File > Save As > Name file (name the same as your .ECM file.
  • This links the current work you are doing to the file you just exported.) > Save.
  • This will save a .RME file that can be re-opened by Warp.

Any RME files saved by your license dongle will only be able to be opened by you license dongle. If you want to share tunes with colleagues, you can export samples which can be opened by any license key. If on current software, all engine parameters are real-time capable.

Warp offers full 68RFE tuning capability for all trucks 2007.5 to present. Transmission tuning is not real-time capable.

Warp also has the ability to modify duration and timing in switch positions 1-5 of the project tree. This allows shift on the fly tuning adjustments from the ultra quick menu, or should the hardware not be present in the truck, allows these changes from a 5 position OBD2 style switch.

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